Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Magic Tricks ...

The "Disappearing N" Trick 
combined with the "6th Finger Distraction!"*

After seven years of podcasting it finally occurred to us that we'd never actually done any "tricks" on Trick's Podcast. Wait a minute, gutter mind, we're not talking "those" kind of tricks, we're a family show around here.  So, to remedy this oversight, the guys pulled out their magic wands, again don't go there, and conjured up this magical podcast.  There's tricks and magic on this week's Trick's Synthetic Podcast with:

Magic Man
Coco Robicheaux

The Magician
Jason Isbel

Magic Illusion
Sir Douglas Quintet

Magic Bus
The Who

Spanish Castle Magic B2B
Robert Lighthouse 
Jimi Hendrix

Music Is The Magic
 Lucky Peterson

Magic Mirror
Leon Russell

The Magician
Dan Hicks

Magic Door

It Must Be Magic
Buckwheat Zydeco

Magic In My Socks
Al Kooper

Magic Hat
Tony Stevens

Old Black Magic
Sam "The Sham" Samudio

*Don't try this at home, 
but you can try this!

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