Friday, April 4, 2014

U Need A Podcast? (Uneeda nother one...too,late)

Look no further than right here.  At Trick's we have the podcast you need....the "You Need A" podcast with needy tunes exactly like these:

You're Gonna Need Me - 
Freddie Roulette
I Need A Hundred Dollars -
Henry Vestine
I Need Your Love - 
Manfred Mann
I Need A-Nuddin' - 
Ike Turner
If You Need Me B2B 
Love Depression 
The Rolling Stones
I Need Your Lovin' - 
Otis Redding
I Need Your Love So Bad - 
Robert Palmer
No Need to Get so Heavy - 
Chubby Checker
 I Need You - 
The Webb Sisters
If You Need  A Fool - 
Steve Earle
You're Gonna Need Somebody - 
Taj Mahal
 Need My Help - 
Asie Payton
Mars Needs Women - 
Commander Cody
Spiritual Spotlight:  
If I Ever Needed Someone - 
Van Morrison
If I Needed Someone B2B 
The Cryan Shames 
Show of Hands
This Old World Needs Love - 
Stephen Burton & Johnny Nicholas
No Need To Knock On My Door - 
Jack Guthrie

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