Monday, April 28, 2014

The BIG "Brother" Podcast (He's not heavy, he's gone ...too late, bubba)

Well it was bound to happen, we started out with this 1984 theme and it evolved into something completely different. We went from a dark and foreboding idea, to something a little more family oriented.  Confused, you won't be after listening to
"Oh, brother...where art the tunes?" with these family safe selections: 

The Fabulous Bing Brothers
Zoot Money

Big Brother
The Mighty Reapers

Me And Baby Brother

Big Brother
Calvin Russell

Little Brother
Bugs Henderson

Brother Psycho
McGuiness Flint

Big Brother Blues
The Bluescasters

Brothers On Parade!:
Old Hippy
Bellamy Brothers

America Is Melting Down
 The Colwell Brothers

Beast of Burden
Holmes Brothers

Spiritual Spotlight:
The Christian Life
Louvin Brothers

My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies
Bonzo Dog Band

Twin Brothers
Big Mike Griffin

When Your Brother
Jake Jones

Brother Jackie
Jackie Kannon

 "Television Turkey" by Trick
You Can Always Rely On Trick's To Lend A Hand,
Right, Brother?

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