Sunday, April 13, 2014

Give It Up For The Bass, Man!

You know the guy, usually standing back next to the drummer, head bobbing and foot tapping, as he keeps the bottom of the tune from going awry.  That's the bass player,  the unsung hero of the band who is content to stand back and let others take the spotlight.  So it is with great pleasure, that Trick's Synthetic Podcast is bringing to the forefront this tribute to bass man extraordinaire Larry Taylor - The Mole, bassist for Canned Heat and others. The man who puts his heart and soul in so many great tunes exactly like these:

Future Blues
Canned Heat
Take A Giant Step
The Monkees
Down The Road I Go
Albert King
No Inspiration
Don Sugarcane Harris
Hank The Ripper
Harvey Mandel
Whisky Headed Woman No. 2
Canned Heat
Home In A Tree
John Mayall
Tom Waits B2B
Raised Right Men 
Get Lost
Cuttin' Out
John Lee Hooker
Trouble Bound
The Blasters
Strollin' with Bone
Kid Ramos
Floyd Dixon B2B 
So Long
Fried Hockey Boogie
Canned Heat

 The Mole in his natural habitat.

This one is for Russell, Bobby and Mark, 
you know who you are.

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