Friday, March 28, 2014

Say Goodbye To The Weekender (Good bye, you were the weakest link)

Let me begin by saying this is "Trick's Synthetic Podcast," not "Trick's Sympathetic Podcast" and while it may be difficult to make the decision to let someone go, the Weekender has already left the building and is currently out chasing rainbows...and all he left us with is this tape of "Rainbow Chasing" tunes including:

Chasing Rainbows - 
Marc Benno
Lookin' For My Rainbow - 
Canned Heat
She's A Rainbow B2B 
with The Rolling Stones 
Glass Menagerie
Neon Rainbows - 
The Box Tops
Chasing Rainbows - 
The Coal Porters
Rainbow - 
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Searchin' For A Rainbow - 
Marshall Tucker Band
Rainbow Life B2B 
with The Glass Family 
The Freak Scene
Rainbow Woman - 
Lee Hazlewood
Rainbow Ride - 
Kathy McCord
Rainbow Road B2B 
with Arthur Alexander 
Dan Penn
A Word From Our Founder, S. Rabbit
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - 
Greg Piccolo & Johnny Nicholas

We were able to piece together the Podcast
but be sure to understand...
The Weekender is gone!

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