Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's Go! (Wheel broke...Gone)

We spin the "Wheel O' Themes" occasionally when podcast block raises its ugly head, but we've never, never had anything like this happen!  The wheel stopped exactly between "Let's" and "Go!" on the wheel. So as not to tempt fate we decided to run with it. "Let's Go!" over the play list:
Let's Go - 
The Beau Hunks
Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is) - 
Robert Parker
Let's Go For A Ride - 
Howard Glazer & The EL 34s
Let's Go Trippin' - 
Dick Dale and The Beach Boys
Let's Go Boppin' Tonight - 
The Tailgators
Let's Go (Bass Pattern) - 
The Ventures
Let's Go To Big Houston - 
Johnny Nicholas
Let's Go Nutz - 
Joe 'King' Carrasco & The Crowns
Let's Go, Let's Go - 
Doug Sahm Band
Let Go - 
Let's Go Get Stoned B2B 
Booker T & The MGs 
Joe Cocker
Let Yourself Go - 
Bobby Charles
Let's Go, Let's Go - 
Bonnie Bramlette and Bobby Whitlock
Let's Go Down - 
Chubby Checker
Come On Let's Go B2B 
The McCoys 
Bruce & Terry
Let Go - 
Skid Roper and The Whirlin' Spurs
Let The Rest Of The World Go By - 
Steve Gibson & The Five Red Caps

Some podcasts just have money written all over theme!

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