Friday, March 21, 2014

Big Trouble (Big Gone!)

It was bound to happen. The Weekender's a no show as were all those Hollywood celebs he said he lined up to fill in, but never fear. We turned this troubled situation into BIG TROUBLE with the help of Don, Duke, and the Ol' Colonel and these tunes from the Stupid Rabbit vault:

Car Trouble - 
Texas Red
Trouble - 
Joe Richardson Express
Trouble B2B 
with Little Feat 
Robert Palmer
Trouble Bound - 
The Blasters
Double Trouble - 
John Mayall
Trouble On My Mind - 
Johnny Otis Band
Trouble - 
Eric Gales
Spiritual Spotlight: 
Nobody knows the Trouble I've Seen - 
Louis Armstrong
Trouble In Mind - 
Willie DeVille
Double Trouble - 
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Trouble In Mind - 
Clifton Chenier
Trouble In The Henhouse - 
The Clouds Rained Trouble Down - 
Jack Guthrie
Love and Trouble - 
Robert Gordon
You've Got Your Troubles - 
The Fortunes
I Got Troubles (You Got Troubles) - 
Queen's Nectarine Machine

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