Monday, March 10, 2014

A Psychedelic Flashback, WALMART Edition

Ripped straight from the  headlines of the New York News,"Fla. family hospitalized after eating LSD-laced meat..." , it's a very beefy psychedelic phlashback of the money savingest kind. The guys drag out all their old 60's mind bending paraphernalia along with these very groovy tunes:

The Music Goes Round My Head - 
UFO - 
Soul, Inc.
Cloud Song - 
The United States Of America
Beatles - I Am The Walrus Back 2 Backwards
Hallucinations - 
Tim Buckley
Soul Guru - 
Wally Richardson
All Along The Watchtower B2B  
Brewer & Shipley 
The Hamsters
My Flash on You - 
The Three Sixpence
Johnson In A Headlock - 
Dreamless - 
Earth Opera
Tales Of Brave Ulysses - 
The Rotary Connection
Tom Cat - 
Muddy Waters

If all this is too deep,
this is for you!

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