Monday, February 17, 2014

Where Ya' Going . . . To? (Gone!?!)

Life is full of unanswered questions like "What you gonna be when you grow up?" or "Just where do you think you're going?"  So to answer the latter, we've gathered together a bunch of wandering songsters who know exactly where they're So put on your traveling shoes, grab a handful of wander lust, and travel with us as we go to another Trick's Synthetic Podcast with:
Going Downtown - 
Earl Gillam
Going To Dallas - 
John Campbell
Going Back To Okinawa - 
Ry Cooder
Going To New York B2B 
with Big Daddy Kinsey 
and Jimmy Reed
Going Down To Golders Green - 
George Harrison
Going Back to Birmingham - 
10 Years After
Going Back To Texas - 
John Nitzinger
Going To Arizona - 
Jim Keavany
Going To California B2B 
with Dread Zeppelin 
and Celtic Tribute
Going Home To Louisiana - 
Chris Thomas King
Going To Colorado - 
Going Up Country - 
Canned Heat
Going Back To Tijuana - 
Augie Meyers
You Ain't Going Nowhere - 
The Byrds

While real life may not be all black and white, this certainly is!

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