Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tony filled in on "The Weekender!" (Gone, see ya later, Tony)

Your host was so inspired by this week's podcast,"Where Ya Going To" he took off and went somewhere! Before he left, he left this in the sound booth for Tony, the sound man. So join Tony for "Where Ya' Going To ... 2" but please excuse Tony's accent since he's somewhat sensitive about his Italian heritage. Here'sa what was lefta behinda...but there is no Doo Wop!:

Going Up to Memphis - 
Chris Rea
Going Back to Texas - 
R. C. Smith
Going To Chicago - 
Lowell Folsom
Going Down to Mobile - 
Savoy Brown
The Left Banke for Hertz, When you got someplace to go!
Etta Baker B2B 
with Going Down The Road Feeling Bad with Taj Mahal
and  Going To The Race Track
Going To The Juke Joint - 
Lonnie shields
Going Home - 
The Rolling stones
Going To The River - 
Robbie Robertson
Going Home - 
Going Back To Liverpool - 
Jackie Lomax
Going Home - 
10 Years After
Going To A Go Go - 
Smokey and The Miracles
Going Home Tomorrow - 
Katie Webster

Can you pick Tony out of this line up!

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