Monday, February 3, 2014

The 800 Lb Gorilla In The Room

It's is a cheap way to sneak in the Accordianna11 special, but it works.  Join the Stupid Rabbit guys and over a dozen accordionistas as we fall face first into a podcast dedicated to the most under appreciated instruments in the musical toolbox.  This edition features:

Open Up Your Heart
Augie Meyers
Donkey Show Cancion Mixteca
Tom Russell
Jacinto Ramos
Valerio Longoria,  Jr.
Voodoo Juice
The New Iberians
 Hey Negress
Queen Ida
Turkish Song Of The Damned
The Pogues
 American Wheeze
Sixteen Horsepower
 Kuschty Rye B2B
 with Ronnie Lane
and Slim Chance
Song Of Love
Radio Kings
Raining In My Heart
Ringo Starr's Allstars with Rick Danko
Paul Simon
For No One
Michael Weston King
Born With Nothing
Muddy Waters
David Blue
Anto's Cajun Cousins
Sharon Shannon

...but not this guy!

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