Monday, January 20, 2014

We Butcher The Beatles . . .

...with this podcast of all Beatle cover tunes from the guys at Trick's Synthetic Podcast. We let Don put on his old Beatle wig and then he, Duke, and the Ol' Colonel picked their favorite tunes from the vast selection in the Stupid Rabbit vault. Next I threw them out and substituted them with these selections from the trunk of my car:

I Saw Her Standing There - The Red Beards
I Should Have Known Better - Sand Rubies
Little Child B2B with  
The Inmates and The Meetles
I Feel Fine - Leslie West
Yer Blues - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Yellow Submarine Spot
Yellow Submarine by Chris Eckman
You Won't See Me - Dar Williams
She Came in Trough the Bathroom Window - Mimi Maura
Baby's In Black - Charles River Boys
Nowhere man  -  El Amor
Blackbird - Kevin Spacey
Come Together - Robin Williams
Let It Be - Ernie Ford
Can't Buy Me Love - Peter Sellers
A Girl Called Eddy - Julia
It's A Honner!
I Should have known better - Paulo Cezar
She Loves You - Los Xochimilcas

Well, I could say this is a stinker, but I'd never lie to you.

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