Friday, January 31, 2014

The Weekender...Goes To Mexico (Musta stayed there...gone)

This weekend we've gassed up the car and are heading south for a wild weekend "South of The Border" so you can come along and ride shot gun, while Don drives and Duke, The Ol' Colonel and I polish up on our south of the border ways.   And by the way, on the way down south, would you mind plugging in these tunes in our Pioneer Super 8 tape player?   Thanks...

Baby, Let's Go To Mexico - 
Joe King Carrasco
Down In Mexico - 
Augie Meyer
Down In Mexico 
B2B with The Coasters 
and Ronnie Dawson
Going To Mexico - 
Steve Miller
Weekend Down In Mexico - 
Chris Rea
Going Down To Mexico - 
Z Z Top
Wild gods of Mexico - 
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Ain't No god In Mexico - 
Billy Joe Shaver
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - 
Bob Dylan
Mexico Americano - 
Los Fabulocos Y Kid Ramos
Mexico - 
Lonnie Mack and Pismo
Adios Mexico  B2B 
with Texas Tornados 
and Joe King Carrasco
I Wanna Go Back To Mexico - 
Andre' Williams
Gringo En Mexico - 
Maria Mulduar

Can you find the subliminal message?

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