Monday, January 13, 2014

A January Back 2 Back (Gone again)


( Disclaimer below* )

We start the year with a great  pretty good show of all "B2Bs"
where we take a signature song from the past and pair it with an updated  version with a forward spin, and let you decide which tune you prefer.  Yes, it's another "special" podcast from the gang at TSP and SR Labs.  Here ya' go:

Harlem Shuffle - John Fred and The Playboys 1968 
& Bill Wyman's Rythm Kings 2011
Sookie Sookie - Don Covey 1966 
& Steppenwolf 1968
I'm Not That Kat Anymore - Doug Sahm 1991 
& Los Super 7 2009
Roundabout - Yes 1971 
& Robert Berry 1995
Taxman - The Beatles  1966 
& Bill Wyman's Rythm Kings 2004
Dirty Water - Standells 1965 
& Inmates 1979
Whole Lotta Love - Dread Zeppelin1990 
& The King 2000
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash AND Johnny Shooby

*I know the correct term is "Latin" but we're "roamin' " in this little beauty, and it's so stylish and practical !

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