Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes, We Can Be Non Traditional, Too!

Some folks think we are old fashioned and set in our ways when it comes to Christmas. But I'm  here to tell you...we're nontraditional, too.  To prove the point enjoy these non traditional Christmas tunes:

Inexcelsis Polka - 
Santa's Got The Shakes - 
Vic Mulkey
Santa's Out of Rehab by
Adam's House Cat
Christmas At The End Of The Bar - 
The Vanishers fea. Ginger St James
Santa Stole My Whiskey - 
A Word from Dame Edna
 Santa's Beard - 
The Might Be Giants
 Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight TonightB2B 
with Bowling For Soup 
and Asobi Sek
Christmastime Is Here - 
Richard Cheese and 
Lounge Against Machine
Christmas Lights - 
The Hi Risers
Coming Next!
Nude Christmas - 
Lonely This Christmas - 
Broken Heart for Christmas - 
Steve Lukather
Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant - 
Diamond Rugs
It's Chris In The Morning
The Christmas Tree's On Fire - 
Holly Golightly
Christmas Isn't Safe For Animals - 
Sexy Christmas Baby Mine - 

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