Friday, November 1, 2013

Parts Is Parts

After Halloween we were left with a pile of leftover body parts from who knows where.  Never to let anything go to waste, Don suggested we put a show together using these parts and see what happens.  So come on along as we build a podcast with these leftover body parts  well built tunes like these:

I've Just Seen A Face B2B
Jim Sturgess and 
The Charles River Boys
I Got Eyes - 
Andre Williams and The  El Dorados
Your Mouth - 
The Mothers Of Invention
Nosey Joe - 
Bullmoose Jackson
Girl With The Biggest Hair  - 
Red Meat
These Arms of Mine - James Carr
Spiritual Spotlight:
Thank You For My Hands - 
Guy Forsyth
Thought I Heard A Heart Beat - 
The Inmates
My Heart Beats Like A Drum - 
Little Joe Blue
Hip Check - 
The Come Ons
Nice Legs B2B 
Rich Dart 
and The Monks
Happy Feet - 
Robert Parker
Toe Hold B2B 
Wilson Pickett 
and Al Kooper
Mr. Skin - Spirit
Brown Eyed Handsome Man - 
Neko Case

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