Friday, November 8, 2013

Immortalized In Song

There comes a time when mere words just can't express the influence people have on people's lives. When this happens there is only one thing to do. . . set those words to music.  Hence our show, these songs all express the influence certain musicians had on these singers. Heavy, yet true. So come on along as Trick's salutes the singers of songs about singers of songs with these songs about musicians immortalized in song:

"Saints or Sinner"

Chainsaw Dupont
" 'Til John Lee Hooker Calls Me"

Garland Jefferys
"You Can't Beat A Chuck Berry Song"

The Refreshments
The Bo Block:
"The Story of Bo Diddley"

The Animals
"Bo Diddley"

George Thorogood
"Bo-Us Diddley-Us"

The Milkshakes
Big E Block:
"I Wish I Could Meet Elvis"

Alex Chilton
"I Saw Elvis Presley Last Night"

Gary Lewis
"Elvis Is Everywhere"

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper 
"We Remember Fats"
Canned Heat
John Mayall B2B:
"I Gonna Fight For You J.B."

and "Sonny Boy Blow"
"Back When Beano* Was Boss"
Buddy Whittington
"Blind Willie McTell" B2B 

with The Dream Syndicate
and The Band

Duke is totally "Devo" ted to This Show !

*QUIZ: Who's Beano?
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