Thursday, October 17, 2013

The "Lost" Episode of Trick's Synthetic Podcast

Yes, after the move several prerecorded shows came up missing.  After enlisting help from the guys, we still couldn't find them.  So to fill the void left by these absent without leave shows, we proudly present:

The "Lost" Episode

Lost In the Shuffle - Webb Wilder
Lost - Dusty Springfield
Lost In The Congo - Doyle Bramhall
Lost In The Jungle - Johnny Littlejohn
Lost In Korea - Sherman Johnson
Lost In The Harbor - Tom Waites
Lost In The Shuffle - Blues Project
Help Me I'm Lost - Mind's Eye
Lost In My Dream - Spooky Tooth
Lost Fame - Bloodrock
Lost My Mind - Mose Allison
First I Lost My Marbles - Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks
Lost Radio - The Radiators
Lost in the Stars - William Shatner
Lost and Found By Trial and Error - Steppenwolf

...wait for it, wait for it

The Lost Song: Lost That Feeling - The Mullens

We really looked for The Lost Episode
but it isn't down here!

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