Friday, October 25, 2013

It's New To Me!

After years of featuring a lot of memorable tunes from the past, we take a few minutes to feature 100% "New" Music.  And while some may appear to be familiar...They're all new to me! Enjoy!
New "New" Stuff - The Originals
Hey Marseilles:
01 Marseilles
02 To Travels And Trunks
Petrojvic Blasting Company:
03 Simon Was
04 Where We Gonna Leave It
Step Rideau and The Zydeco Outlaws
05 Like Never Before
06 Pull It 'Till It Pops
07 Truckstop Girls
08 Forever Motel
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"New" Old Stuff - The Covers
Don Nix (1976):
09 Feel A Whole Lot Better
10 Back Street Girl
Grease Band (1975):
11 Honky Tonk Angels
12 New Morning
Bob Dylan:
13 If Not For You (Alternate Take)
14 When I Paint My Masterpiece (Demo)

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