Sunday, September 8, 2013

When My Ship Comes In

Just to be sure you understand, that's "ship" with a "P" ! We pride ourselves with providing fine upstanding family entertainment here at the Stupid Rabbit Labs, and although Don and the Ol' Colonel slip up once and a while, it's all clean fun around here. So join the crew as we sail through this pile of ship songs in this exact order:

Ship Sailed At Six - Barrence White
Sail My Ship Alone B2B 
with Willie Nelson 
and Leon Russell
When The Ship Comes In - Bob Dylan
Port Of Ghost Ships - Deviled Ham
Ship Made Of Paper B2B with 
Paul Butterfield Blues Band 
and Big Bad Smitty
Ship In The Sky - Arlo Guthrie 
and The Dillards
Wooden Ships - Jefferson Airplane
White Ship - Chad Mitchell
Tomorrow's Ship  - John Kay 
and Sparrow
Crystal Ship - The Doors
Ships Going Down - Bobby Mack
The Old Ship Of Zion -
The Roberta Martin Singers
When My Ship Comes In - 
Scruffy The Cat
When The Ship Comes In B2B 
with The Hollies
 and The Coal Porters
Bonus Theme Tune: 
Take A Ship Yourself ! (fade) - Benny Bell

If your dock rots, replace with a big deck!

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