Thursday, September 5, 2013

Songs We Learned From The Canned Heat

 If the 1960's taught us anything musically, it was how to "boogie" and the Canned Heat Band were the deans of the school. Bob Hite, Alan Wilson, Henry Vestine, Larry Taylor, and Fito DeLaParra, who still carries Canned Heat banner today, gave us classic tunes including Goin' Up The Country, Let's Work Together, and On The Road Again. Additionally, they electrified old blues songs from the early years and made them their own. Join us as Trick's Synthetic Podcast presents these classic Canned Heat tunes:

Going Up The Country (Livin' The Blues 1968)  - 
Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis
Dust My Broom (Canned Heat 1967) - 
South From Memphis
Evil Woman (Boogie With...1968) B2B with 
Yesterday's Children and Camel
Bullfrog Blues (Canned Heat 1967) - 
John Dummer Band
Bull Doze Blues - Henry Thomas
Sugar Bee (Future Blues 1970) - 
Sir Douglas Quintet
Levis Ad featuring Canned Heat
Let's Work Together  (Future Blues 1970) B2B 
Wilbert Harrison and John Mayall

The Bear - John Mayall 
and The Bluesbreakers
The Hunter (Uncanned 1994) - 
Jimmy Hall
On The Road Again (Boogie With...1968) B2B 
with Love Sculpture and Jimmy Carl Black
T V Mama (Uncanned 1994) - 
Steve Gerard and The National Debonaires
Going Down Slow (Canned Heat 1967) -
Electric Flag

This one fits to a "tee"

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