Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rebooted for 2014!

Welcome to a new season of Trick's Synthetic Podcast. As luck would have it, the Ol' Colonel tripped over the computer's power cord unplugging us for a few days, but we are now rebooted and ready to go. Join us with this season's first edition as we "reboot" for the new 2014 season with these tricky tunes:

Church Key - The Revels

Beatle Break:
Eleanor Rigby (Dub) - Antidoping
Love Me Do - Rudy Rotta Band
One After 909 - Willie Nelson
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - William Shatner

Preview of Up Coming Show:
Big Leg Emma (Body Parts) - Frank Zappa
Juiced (Adult Beverages II) - Billy Love
A Word From Caesar Romero (Days To Remember)
Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow (Days To Remember) - Lothar And The Hand People

Back 2 Back:
 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) with 
Simon and Garfunkel 
and Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield

Under The Covers Live:
Isis (Bob Dylan) - The White Stripes
I'll Be Around (The Spinners) - Yo Lo Tengo

Spiritual Spotlight:
Dragnet For Jesus - Sister Wynona Carr

The Filler:
Four Days Gone (Demo) - Buffalo Springfield
The Rat (from 1959) - Stewart Bros. (aka Sly Stone)
Uncle Stan, The Hip Hit Record Man - Lightnin' Hopkins

The Sign Off:
Over The Rainbow - The Del Vikings

Yes, we are!

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