Monday, August 12, 2013

Truth or Lies

It's been said,"The truth is the truth when no one believes it and a lie is still a lie when everyone believes it." Deep, not too deep for Trick's Synthetic Podcast as we weigh the two to decide which wins out in the end. Confused, not after you listen to these tunes, and that's the truth:

Lies -
Del Shannon
Lies -
JJ Cale and
Leon Russell
Lies -
Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne
Lies -
Rolling Stones
Lies -
You're Tellin' Me Lies -
Question Mark
and the Mysterians
Don't Tell Me Lies -
Twenty Five Lies -
Guitar Slim
What's Going on Here
(Big Lies) -
Anders Osborne
That's The Truth B2B
 with Jimmy Hall and
Lil' Ed
and The Blues Imperials
Tell The Truth -
The ''5'' Royales
Aint It The Truth
(Little Cabin In The Sky) -
Louis Armstrong
The Beautiful Truth -
Garland Jefferey
Truth - Chris Cacavas and
Junk Yard Love
Truth - Jimmy LaFave
When The Truth Comes Out -
Chris Rea
The Truth Come Out -
Kim Simmonds
The Truth Is Gonna Stand -
Johnny Jenkins


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