Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Last Podcast Show ?

Yes, after some phoned in complaints about a previous podcast, this just may the the last podcast show! Or it may just be an attempt to sensationalize the podcast during the summer can decide while you listen to these tunes, while they last:

The Last Meal - Johnny Nicholas
 & The Texas All-Stars
The Last Gunfighter - Guy Clark
The Last Time B2B with 
The Rolling Stones and The Who
The Last Post On The Bugle - The Libertines
The Last Mile Of The Way - The Blind Boys of Alabama
The Last Of The Blacksmiths - The Band
The Last Chance Lounge - Chainsaw DuPont
The Last Chance Texaco -Rickie Lee Jones
Last Night - Michael Bloomfield, 
John Hammond, and Dr. John
Last Night I Went Out - Rich Minus
Last Clean Shirt B2B with 
The Animals and T Bone Walker
Last Shot - Lou Reed
Last Call - Walter Hyatt
Last Of The Big Time Spenders pt. 1 - 
Winehead Willie and Sweet Lucie Brown

OTR - Dr. Phibes

Get it while it LAST !

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