Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Game of Themes !

We completely ripped off HBO and the hottest show on cable with our own
"Game Of Themes,"  the Game Show, where feuding families do musical battle and cunningly decipher the intertwined theme in a group of songs. Our contestants this week are King Don, from the House of Mayberry,  Ol' King Colonel, from the Southern Kingdom of Sanders, and The Duke, sometimes referred to as... The Duke! So, "you've heard the tunes...now name the theme!" Let's get started !

Clues Round 1:
My Heart Beats Like A Drum - Little Joe Blue
Thought I Heard A Heart Beat - The Inmates
Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat - Steve Miller Band
Clues Round 2:
Midnight Shift - Commander Cody
After Midnight B2B with Daddy Mack and
J J Cale with Leon Russell
Walking After Midnight - The Kentucky Headheadhunters
A Word From Our Sponsor: Ralph Spoilsport Motors
Clues Round 3:
Let's Work Together - Rayful Neal
I Got My Mojo Working B2B with The Shadows of Knight and
The Zombies
Howard Johnson's Got His Hojo Working - NRBQ
Clue Round 4:
Wait 'Till Tomorrow - Jimi Hendrix
Tomorrow - Southwest FOB
Tomorrow - Strawberry Alarm Clock
No Tomorrow In Sight - Willie Nelson
Final Bonus Round 5:
Itchy Chicken - Los Straightjackets
Chicken Gumbo - Preston Love
"Game of Themes" Theme

First Round starts over at the Trick's Synthetic Arena !

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