Friday, July 12, 2013

Goes Travelin' With Duke !

Join your host and newest synthetic character, Duke, as they go traveling with the usual results. Along the way you'll encounter these snappy travel tunes:

Travel On - Papa John Creech Band
Midnight Traveler - KGB
Traveling Mood B2B with
Dr. John and Wee Willie Wayne
Traveling South - Bacon Fat
Traveling -  John Mayall
 A Hard Road To Travel - Shakey Jake
Traveling Shoes - Elvin Bishop
Traveling In The Lightening - 
Warren Zevon
Traveling South - Joe Bonamssa
Travelin' Band - 
Jerry Lee Lewis and John Fogerty
Hard Travelin' B2B with
 Bruce Springsteen and 
The Downliner Sect
Traveling Salesman - Country
This Traveling Around - Lyle Lovett
OTR - Jeff Beck

... and be  sure to stick around for the bonus.
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