Sunday, June 16, 2013

We Interrupt The Music Icon Series for ...

...this special presentation, and take time to say: "Goodbye to the Teen Years!"

My younger son, Humble Host, Jr., turned 20 this week and to celebrate the passage out of those teenage years, TSP presents these totally teenage tunes celebrating the teen years:

Teenage Anxiety - Humble Pie

Teenage Nervous Breakdown - Little Feat

Teenage Credit - Jimmy Carl Black
Teenage Beat - Little Walter
Ricky Nelson B2B with Teenage Romance and Teenage Idol
Teenage Heaven - Eddie Cochran
Teenage Failure - Chad and Jeremy
World's Oldest Teenager - Homer and Jethro
Advice For Teenagers - NRBQ
Teenage Poetry - Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Teenage Fair - Rosco
Teenage Head - Flaming Groovies
Teenage Letter - The Sorrows
Teenage Lust - MC5
Teenage Rage - The Kinsey Report
Teenage Car Washing Girls - Trip Daddys
Rick Derringer B2B with Teenage Love Affair and Teenage Queen
Last of the Teenage Idols - Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Teens thru Parents Eyes:
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