Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Summer Music Icon Series Continues with "Be A Buddy!"

Stupid Rabbit continues with the "American Music Icon Series" and Texas rock 'n' roll icon, Charles Hardin Holley, better known as "Buddy" . . . Special guest this time is Mr. Sheeew Bizness, Ed Sullivan, and the Lads from West Texas themselves, who add their own take on a classic Crickets tune. We take a look (and a listen) to the music of the man in black. . . horn rimmed glasses, Mr. Buddy Holly, with: 

Say, That's Buddy and The Crickets
That'll Be The Day (false start) - The Trick's Synthetic Backyard Band
That'll Be The Day - The Hullabaloos
Rave On - Julio Casablancas
"Think It Over" B2B with 
The Tractors and Commander Cody
Heartbeat - Humble Pie
Well, All Right - Kid Rock
Beatle Buddy Back 2 Back with
It's So Easy - Paul McCartney
Peggy Sue 1 & 2 - John Lennon
Here's Ed Sullivan and The Boys ...
Oh Boy - Joe Ely and Todd Snider
Peggy Sue Got Married - John Doe
Crying, Waiting, Hoping - Karen Ellison
Peggy Sue - Lou Reed
Maybe Baby  - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Rave On B2B with The Rolling Stones 
and The Band (with the Crickets, too!)
Back to Ed and Those Texas Boys ...
Raining In My Heart - Graham Nash
Everyday - Fionna Apple and Jon Brion
Changing All Those Changes - Nick Lowe
Words Of Love - Patti Smith
True Loves Ways - The Mavericks

It's quite a "Line" up of tunes from Trick's Synthetic Podcast!

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