Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Special, Special

While Don and the Ol' Colonel are away visiting their moms, your host put together this Special, Mother's Day Special:

Nobody Loves Me But My Mother - B B King
Motherly Love - The Mothers of Invention
Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon
Mother and Child Reunion  - Randy California
Don't Worry Mother Your Son's Heart Is Pure -  The McCoys
Mindless Child of Motherhood - Kinks
Mother - David Bowie
Mother, Why Do You Cry - PG&E
That Was Your Mother - Paul Simon
Down Home Momma - The Grease Band
Every Mother's Son - Humble Pie
Have You Seen Your Mother - The Hydes
Mother Devine - George Harrison
Mother Nature's Son - Harry Nilsson
My Mother's Eyes - Stomp Gordon
Mother's Day - Papa John Creech
Are We There Yet Momma? - Walter Hyatt

 Mother's music at Trick's Synthetic Podcast !

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