Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Our "Happy" Hour

 Welcome to the Trick's Synthetic Podcast's "Happy" Hour...not that kind of "Happy Hour." It's our "Happy" Hour," a full 60 minutes of songs guaranteed to get the listener in a better mood! Even Don and The Old Colonel are tolerable after listening to these tunes:

Happy Hour - Damon Fowler
Happy Times - The Box Tops
Lookin' For The Happy Life - Elmer Gantry
Happy Boy - Beat Farmers
Happy Song - Alex Chilton
Happy Song - Otis Redding
Keep Happy - Papa Mali
Sweet Happy Home - Peppermint Harris
Happy B2B - Deborah Coleman and The Rolling Stones
Laugh And Be Happy - Randy Newman
Happy Feet - Robert Parker
Appeal To The Happy - Savage Resurrection
Happy Just To Be Like I Am - Taj Mahal
Happy to Be Here - Todd Snider
Happy Man - Jim Keaeny
Happy As A Runaway Slave - Mighty Mo' Rodgers
Everybody's Gotta Be Happy - The Kinks
Happy Blues - Aretha Franklin
Happy House - Shuggie Otis

Everyone's Happy at Trick's Synthetic Podcast !

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