Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey, It's May !

It's May! But you wouldn't know it by the weather outside the S.R. Studio! It's Cold and somebody needs to tell the weatherman..."Hey, It's May!!!!" So join us as we huddle around the fireplace and remember how it was pre global warming with these "May" tunes:

Saturday In May - Rosie Ladet
The Cinco De Mayo - Brian Wilson
I May Not Be Your Kind - Garland Jeffereys
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring - Traffic
I May Be Right, I May Be Wrong - Stone The Crows
I May Be Wrong 
But I Won't Be Wrong Always - Ten Years After
Six Days In May - The Gants
Rainy May - Mandrake Memorial
Maybellene B2B with Chuck Berry 
Mando and The Chili Peppers
May I Be Excused - Trampled Underfoot
Memphis In May - Don McMinn
This May Be The Last Time - The Staple Singers
The Last Day Of May - The Easy Beats
Stormy May Day - AC/DC
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You "King" Solomon Burke
Bonus: Maybe I'm Amazed - Morse Portnoy George

Be Sure To Get Those Priorities Right 

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