Friday, May 24, 2013

A Memorial Day Weekend Special Presentation . . .

... As Stupid Rabbit presents "Trick's Synthetic Podcast Hits The Beach" or " Bleach Blanket Bozos!" starring the usual cast of  Don, The Ol' Colonel, your humble host, and several  some special guests. So enjoy the sun, sand, and surf as you relax this weekend with tunes exactly like these:

Venice Beach Narrative - Brian Wilson
Let Me Take You To The Beach - Frankie and The Pool Boys
Surfer's Love Call - Bo Diddley
For Crystal Beach - Buddy Whittington
Black SAnd Beach - The Lowtides
Surfer Dan - The Turtles
Wench Of Surf - AED
Surfin' In The China Sea -The Hong Kongs
Surf Monkey - Freddie King
Surfin' USA B2B with The Beach Boys and Pennywise
Surf Medley - Junior Brown
Calhoun Surf - Los Staightjackets
Surfin' Hearse - The Quads
The Ocean B2B with Dread Zepplin and Jani Lane
 Ocean Of Love - Jimmy Carl Black & The X-Tra Combo
On The Beach - Faces

And don't forget to get those "sun spots" checked next week!

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