Friday, March 8, 2013

Texas Road Trip (East of I - 35 Edition)

 The Texas Celebration continues with 
. . . 
Just in time for Spring Break comes the Texas Road Trip where your host, Don, and the Old Colonel load into the Buick and head out on the open road. The Texas road trip begins in East Texas and winds its way through the Gulf Coast  before heading towards the Heart O' Texas and a final stop over in Big D.  Come on along, there's always room for one more in the Trick's Synthetic Podcast Roadmaster DeLuxe!  And as long as you're riding shotgun, put these into the record player :

(Making The Run To) Gladewater - Michelle Shocked
Juke Joint Jumpin' - Wayne "The Train" Hancock
East Texas Wolfman - Slayton Bonner
Longview - The Joe Richardson Express
LA,Memphis,Tyler - Dale Hawkins
Beaumont Blues - Uncle John Turner & Friends
Home To Houston - Steve Earle
Wreck On The Eastex Freeway - Rich Minus
San Antonio Stomp - The Lowtides
San Antonio Boogie - Doug Sahm 
Left San Antonio - Texas Red
Lost In Austin B2B with Bugs Henderson and Marc Benno
Going Back To Dallas - Darrell Nulisch
Dallas Shuffle - Wee Willie Willis

Slide 'em right in HERE !

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