Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's " A Caddy For Daddy !"

The walking lasted about a week, so Don and I are headed down to the Cadillac dealer to pick out a new ride. As you can tell, we always travel in the highest of style. No Fords Econolines, Chevy Bel Aires, or Plymouth Belvedere's for us just , no siree Bob, only "The Standard of Excellence" ... Fleetwoods and Coupe DeVilles.  So, hop in and take a one hour test drive with us as we cruise through these first class tunes:

I Want My Fleetwood Back - Tony Joe White
Cadillac - The Firm
Pink Cadillac - Lynn August
Black Cadillac - Sonny Wallace
White Cadillac - The Band
Pink Cadillac - The Band From TV
Brand New Cadillac B2B 
with Vince Taylor and Procol Harem
Welfare Cadillac - Gary B.B. Coleman
Blue Cadillac - Chainsaw Dupont
Lilly's Daddy's Cadillac - Mink DeVille
Cadillac Woman - Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
Cadillac Jack - Andre Williams
Voodoo Cadillac - Southern Culture On The Skids
Cadillac Walk (fade out) - The Hamsters

This baby has your name on it.

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