Thursday, September 13, 2012

"It's The BIG ONE, Elizabeth !" ~ Fred Sanford (Part 1)

Trick's Synthetic Podcast hits a real millstone milestone in it's multi-year history with it's 150th full length poscast ( and we're not counting the Saturday Singles, Sunday Serenades, nor Blue Mondays which would push us up to about 3.2x10 to the third power) rather those "Best 15 Minutes in Podcasting Wrapped Into A 60, 90, or 120 Minute Show"...So join us for the first half of our 150 minute extravaganza as we stroll down our memories of our mind with the 150th Podcast Special (Part 1) with these tunes selected specially for you:

Intro by the Stupid Rabbit Horns (aka Electric Flag)
Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave - Little Ester (VOL 1 Oct 2007)
Just Dropped In Back 2 Back with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings & Kenny Rogers and the 1st Edition (new)
The first back 2 back with Archie Bell and the Drells & The Nazz (VOL 2 Nov 2007)
San Antonio Boogie - Doug Sahm (Texas Birthday Mar 2010)
Hot Chili - Steve Miller ( Food Apr 2009)
Cross Town Traffic - Chico Magnet Band (Trick's Alternate Universe Oct 2009)
Right Place, Wrong Time - Senator Jones (Trick's Alternate Universe Oct 2009)
Driving All Day - Little Mike and The Tornadoes (Hits The Road Aug 2009)
Riding In My Car - NRBQ (Hits The Road Aug 2009)
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Break Stupid Rabbit Horns (aka BS&T)
Stop - Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield (Stop! Jul 2011)
Sea Of Love - Katie Webster (Love - Feb 2009)
Too Hot To Handle - HooDoo Rythmn Daddys (It's Too Dang Hot Aug 11)
Cold, Cold, Cold - Little Feat ( Dang, It's Cold! Feb 2011)
Cigarettes and Coffee - Guitar Shorty (Cigarettes and Coffee Feb 2012)-
Our favorite guest. Bill Shatner (VOL 10 Stand Up and Salute)
Mr. Spaceman - William Shatner (new)
My Favorite Record - Please, Please, Please - The Blasters (new)
Drive In Romance - Faces (Drive In Movies May 2008)
The Original Sign Off - Over The Rainbow with Keith Richards and Bobby Keys
Only available at Trick's (Much Longer Lived Than Originally Predicted) Synthetic Podcast.

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