Friday, September 14, 2012

"It's A BIG @X*!ING DEAL !" ~ Joey Biden (Part 2)

The second half of Trick's Synthetic Podcast 150th full length poscast featuring the "Best 15 Minutes in Podcasting Wrapped Into A 60, 90, or 120 Minute Show"... In second half of this 150 minute musicpalooza we test our memory of special topics from the past by featuring these specially selected tunes, guaranteed to excite and satisfy the discriminating musical ear:

Levis Ad with Sopwith Camel
Return from Break with the Stupid Rabbit Horns (aka Chicago)
Spiritual Spotlights: Amazing Grace - Blind Boys of Alabama (Sep - 08 Back 2 School Special)
Hem of His Garment - AL Kooper (Oct 08 - Falling Into A Beatle Bash)
Help! B2B - Charles River Boys (Oct 08 - Falling Into A Beatle Bash) and Tommy Castro, Jimmy Hall, and Lloyd Jones (Jun 11 Sweet, The Beatles!)
Jimi Hendrix Overture - Pickin' On Hendrix (July 10 - Jammin with Jimi)
Are You Experienced - Musiq (July 10 - Jammin with Jimi)
Miss You - The Backyard Band aka Temple Kazoo Orch.( Oct 10 - No Stone Unrolled / Kazoo You)
I'm Free - Tell Tale Hearts .( Oct 10 - No Stone Unrolled / Kazoo You)
I Can't Quit You Baby - Otis Rush & Eric Gales ( Mar 11 - Ride The Led Zipper, Again)
Kashmir - Dread Zepelin ( Mar 11- We Rode The Led Zipper)
Gretch Guitars Ad
Love Minus Zero B2B - Leon Russell and Buck Owens (Jul 11 - Diggin 4 Dylan)
See Emily Play - Polka Floyd (Jun 12 - More Floyd!)
Pennsylvania Polka ( Nov 08 - It's An Accordian Soul Party)
Burnin' The Chicken - Los Fabulocos (Mar 11 - Accordianna 2)
Only Dreaming Now - Beau Brummels (New)
Look At The Sun - Mouse and the Traps (Aug 10 - Red Paisley Flannel, a Psychedelic Flashback)
Psychotic Reaction B2B with The Count Five and Brenton Wood (new)
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow - Strawberry Alarm Clock (Aug 10 - Red Paisley Flannel, a Psychedelic Flashback)
I Found A Love - Soul, Inc. (fadeout)

Finally revealed, the Stupid Rabbit Studio of Trick's Synthetic Podcast fame !

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