Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hit The The Songs, Jack!

The guys are all jacked up over this episode where they are joined by famous "Jack" and actor, Jack Palance, and tunes exjactly like these!

My Name Is Jack - John Simon
Uncle Jack - Spirit
Brother Jack - Manfred Mann
Jack the Idiot Dunce - Kinks
Hey Jack - Lester Williams
That's On Jack That's On - Cat and the Fiddle
Jack You're Dead Back 2 Back with Louis Jordan and B.B. King
Black Jack (Instrumental) - Enrico Crivellaro
Jack in the Box - The Music Explosion
Fat Jack - Steppenwolf
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Mick Taylor
My Friend Jack - The Smoke
Black Jack Davy - Velvet Opera
Jack Daniels - Head, Hands, and Feet
Ruby Jack - Legendary Majic Misfits
Hit The Road Jack - Leslie West
The Lumberjack Song (fade out) Monty Python

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