Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome to June...and Floyd!

Welcome to our favorite time of year, backyard bar-b-que time, and along with this comes backyard band practice. So this year we invited a special friend of Don's to haul over his gong and play along as we get in the pink, with Floyd Lawson and the songs of the band named after two obscure southern bluesmen. Hum along with these ditties:

Brain Damage - Neville Skelly

Wish You Were Here - Sally Semrad
Have A Cigar B2B with John Foxx and The Maths & Ira!
One of These Days - Polka Floyd
Speak to Me ~ Breathe - Vocomotion
Sail on the Steel Breeze - Piano Tribute
Breathe - 50 Cent Haircut
Comfortably Numb - Graham Parker
Money B2B with Yortoise and Blue Floyd
Mother - Quetzal
Great Gig In The Sky (fade out) - String Quartet

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