Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hurricane Party 2012

Forget Tropical Storm Alberto, it was just the warm up show for Hurricane Season 2012. We are getting ready for the big one, the force 5 storm that will blow your wig and drive the gators into the attic. We are ready to go and blow at Stupid Rabbit Labs. Plywood's up and the party lights are plugged into the generator and the music is ready to drown out those gale force winds.. So join us as we thumb our nose at the weather service with Hurricane Party 2012 and classic storm songs exactly like this:

Hurricane - Shuggie Otis

Hurricane - Levon Helm

Storm Watch Warning - Dr. Wu and Friends

The Rains Came - Joey Long

Flood In Houston Back 2 Back with Savoy Brown and Fenton Robinson

Katrina Was Her Name - Bryan Lee

Riders of the Storm Back 2 Back with Creed and ExVotto

Survivors of the Hurricane - James Blood Ulmer

Hurricane Party - James McMurtry

Put on your best hi heel flippers and swim on over to

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