Sunday, March 11, 2012

This just about ties up all the loose ends of our String Me Along Triolgy. Thanks to the "String Me Along" yarn company for the product placement(you know where to send the check) and for all of you who allowd me to string you along for three hours with music featuring the lilting melodies of the violin. Songs which included:

Tired Of Waiting - The Flock
I'm Willin' - Seatrain
Rosalie - Appaloosa
Isis - Bob Dylan
Bombay Calling - It's A Beautiful Day
I Believe - Heather Hardy
Never Happen No More - Hot Tuna
Tennessee Jed - Levon Helm
Bosque Country Romance - Steve Fromholz
Cajun Telephone Stomp - Beausoleil
Paper Back Writer - Charles River Valley Boys
One More Cowboy - Dan Hicks and Willie Nelson
Rooster Funeral - Ron Wood
Walk Don't Run (fade out) - Penguin Cafe Orchestra

The Charm of Music begins here!

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