Thursday, March 1, 2012

On This Date In History,...

On this day in a log cabin in Washington On The Brazos brave men met and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, creating the Republic of Texas. The convention formed an interim government, drew up a constitution, and made Sam Houston commander-in-chief of the Texan military forces. But their work was interrupted by the invading Mexican army. It wasn't until the following month that the Republic of Texas forced the issue of independence at the Battle of San Jacinto. Texas is the only state to celebrate independence from a country other than England. By the way, it's also ol' Sam Houston's birthday! And that ladies and gents is why we celebrate the Lone Star State in songs like these:

Talking East Texas Blues - Jack Elliott
North East Texas Women - Riley Etheridge, Jr.
Life In Texas - Texas Red
Texas Trios - Buddy Whittington
Texas Weather Back 2 Back with Lubbock Tornado(I Don't Know) - Terry Allen ,Texas Cyclone - Jon Wayne,
and Raining Down In Texas - John Ussery Blues Band
Down In Texas - Calvin Russell
Border Girls - Omar and the Howlers
Amarillo Highway - Amos Garrett
Marfa Lights - Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
El Paso Rock - Long John Hunter
Ft. Worth Bound - Dr. Wu and Friends
Austin In My Sights - Bluescasters
Let's Go To Big Houston - Johnny Nicholas
Dallas Blues - Floyd Dixon
Deed To Texas - Augie Meyer

We're not just horsin' around...we mean it!

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