Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Just . . .

Everybody remembers those classic 1960's psychedelic classics from bands such as Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Electric Flag, Blue Cheer, The Soft Machine, and many more. Well that's just a sample of the hit groups not included in this podcast! Anyone can do those, but Trick's Psychedelic Podcast and the Stupid Rabbit gang go the extra mile to bring you these almost classics from these one no hit wonders from the great era of the 1960's:

1968 - Daughters of Albion
When In The Course Of Human Events - Freak Scene
Cardboard Watch - The End
Music Train - Tamam Shud
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head - Super Fine Dandelion
What A Strange Town - Street
Colours 'Love Heals + Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby' Single Ad
Love Heals - Colours
Old Tattoo - The Magnificent Brotherhood
May I Light Your Cigarette - Beacon Street Union
Merry Go Round - Crystal Circus
Popcorn - Elastik Band
Think Big - Rust
Strawberry Children - The Hobbits
Sky Is Burning - Sam Gopal
You Got Troubles - Queen's Nectarine Machine
Stone Free - Love Depression
Power City (fade out) - Neutral Spirits

Below are several of the bands you will NOT hear here!

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