Thursday, March 8, 2012

Join your host as he wanders deeper into the realm of Sex and Violence Violins with another episode of String Me Along. As you'll soon realize he's a lot short on the "sex" aspect of the show, but he sure has the "violin" angle well under control with tunes exactly like these:

Birds Gotta Swim - Martin Mull
Man Who Sold The World - String Quartet
Celtic Ray - Van Morrison
Banks of the Old Pontchartrain - Amos Garrett and Doug Sahm
Prince of Peace - New Grass Revival
That Aint Right - Dan Hicks
Street In The City - Pete Townsend and Ronnie Lane
London Song - Seatrain
Smart Kid - Clumsy Lovers
Paws - Sam Taylor
Tired Od Crying - Papa John Creech
Bare Wires - John Mayall
Six Feet Down - The Bad Livers
Hey Sarita - Augie Meyers
The West Is as Wild as Ever - Craig Chambers
Cue The Violins - Dan Hicks

I Can't Wait To Give This A Spin !

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