Thursday, February 16, 2012

Accordianna 5 - It's What I Do.

When you come up blank for a theme for the next podcast, you default to this! Accordianna offers something comepletely different from the typical electronic, house, trance music prevelent in today's online podcasts. So, slow down a notch or two with these accordion tinged tunes:

I'm A Hog For You Baby - Lynn August
Up On The Ridge - Joe Ely
Louisianna 1927 - Bill Wymans Rythmn Kings
That's The Way - Celtic Led Zepplin
Me, Myself, and I - Ponty Bone
Looking At You - The Subdudes
Who Stole My Monkey - Boozoo Chavis
No More Cane - Bob Dylan and The Band
Give Back The Key To My Heart - Doug Sahm and Uncle Tupelo
Caladonia Back 2 Back with Muddy Waters, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson
Why Do You Hurt Me So - Subdudes
Raining In My Heart - The Radio Kings

Totally squeezed for your protection!

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