Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Yellow Paisley Cometh

Break out the head band and check the fringe on that leather vest because, time has come today for another Phamous Psychedelic Phashback with your host, Captain Trips, "Lava Lamp" Don, and the Old Colonel. Tell Peabody it's time to set the way back machine for the groovy 60's and songs like:
Rose - 50 Foot Hose
Black is White/Day is Night - The Five Americans
Original Handyman - Paul Revere and The Raiders
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
A New Man - Kaleidoscope
Contrast - Count Five
Pictures Of Matchstick Men - The Status Quo
The Music Goes Round My Head - The Easy Beats
Shape of Things to Come B2B with David Bowie and The Yardbirds
No Exit - The Grass Roots
Taboo - India - Soul Survivors
Tales of Brave Ulysses B2B with Mourning Reign and Onesko Bogert Project
Lemming Song - The Nazz
The Gnome - Pink Floyd
Endless Dream - The Ventures
San Franciscan Nights - The Animals
Somewhere...Over The Rainbow with Bobby and Keith
"Head" on over here to tune in and turn on to Trick's!

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