Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joy to the World and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Enjoy this angelic proclamation of joy... on this Christmas Day as Old St. Trick celebrates his (and hopefully yours) Savior's birth. While it is agreed the Christ was not born this time of the year, what would we do between Thanksgiving and New Year's if we didn't have Christmas?

So, sing along as we celebrate the Joy of the season with:
Bebe and Cece Winans
Gloria Parker's Singing Glasses
Chet Baker
Etta James
Terre Roche
The Fab Four
Dave Brubeck
Willie Nelson

And Old St. Trick, of course!

As a final programming note, the Christmas podcasts will be around for a few days while Old St. Trick catches his breath, but once they're gone . . . you gotta wait 'till OST comes around next year.

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