Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Totally Blows His Cover(s) !

The third installment of the Under The Covers series from Stupid Rabbit and Trick's Synthetic Podcast. Enjoy the final pre holiday special with songs eerily familiar, yet totally different, which can only be described as ... more cover tunes by artists I may, or may not, have heard before right now... so come on along and sing along if you wish, we won't rat you out! Here's the play list so you can look up the lyrics:

Coconut - Fred Schneider
Strawberry Wine - Jesse Ed Davis
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue B2B with Leon Russell and Van Morrison
She's About A Mover - Roy Head
A Word from Fred Purdue
Blue Monday - Randy Newman
Mendicino B2B with Wilko Johnson and Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs
Watching The River Flow - Candye Kane
Squeeze Box - Ali Campbell
Gloria - Papa Chubby
Man Who Sold The World B2B Cocosuma and String Quartet
Look Through Any Window - The Loud Family
Into the mystic - Frederick Knight
America - Maureen McGovern

So familiar it's almost spooky!

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