Friday, November 4, 2011

Return To Nac

November brings cooler weather and, as usual, another round of Psychedelic Flashbacks! So join your host Captain Trick and the regulars as the journey back to those groovy 60's and a time of love beads, lava lamps, and groovy music with songs like:

On With The Show - The Rolling Stones
Brother Lou's Love Colony - Colours
What Is Loves - Aesops Fables
Declaration of Independence - Count 5
She Pays The Rent - The Lyres
Wispey Paisley Skies - Fraternity Of Man
Mushroom Clouds - Love
Feelin' Groovy B2B Southwest F.O.B. and Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield
Mr. and Mrs, Potato Head - Superfine Dandelion
American Talking Blues - Bow street Runners
South Texas - Cold Sun
Strange Days - Doors
Pulsating Dream - Kaleidescope
Freeway Flyer - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Fresh Garbage - Spirit
Sunshine Superman - Donovan

You can plug in, turn it on, or blow it up right here!

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