Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blue Paisley Flannel

Slide on in to the softer side of the psychedelic songography which is Blue Paisley Flannel. The songs, the artists, the experience come on along...and if you want to, you can even join in and sing along with:

I Had Too Much To Dream - Electric Prunes
San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) - Fever Tree
Teenyboper - Baesment Wall
The Intro and The Outro - The Bonzo Dog Band
Transcendental Meditation - The Beach Boys
I Haven't Got The Nerve - Left Banke
Poly High - Harper's Bizarre
Smell of Incense B2B with The Abstracts and The Southwest FOB
Sky Pilot - Animals
What Is Up - Inexpensive Handmade Look
Strange Walking Man - Mandrake Paddle Steamer
Play With Fire B2B with John Fred and the Playboys and Own Up
I Just Dropped In - First Edition
Iowa, A Girl's Name - Baroques
How's Your Sky Straight Guy - Circus Maximus
A Faded Picture - The Seeds

We really hit a Homer with this one!

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