Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Party Time

It's a special occasion as Stupid Rabbit opens the doors to the new digs for an open house and house party. Join your host, the regulars, and special guest host - Albert Brooks as the interviewer,as we break the new studios in right. It's a party which can only come from the twisted mind of Trick's Synthetic Podcast. I picked these out just for this special occasion:

Let's Have A Party - Amos Milburn
Let's Party - Luis and the Wildfires
Party Time - Ronnie Dawson
Party All Night - Matthew Robinson
Texas Party - Johnny Copeland
Party In My Head - NRBQ
Party Girl - Omar and the Howlers
Kings Of The Party - Brownsville Station
Let's Have A Party - Led Zepplin
Party Down - Lonnie Shields
Hoodoo Party B2B with Chris Thomas King and Tabby Thomas
Having A Party - Johnny Jenkins
Having A Party,Too - Robert Ealey
It's A Cheesey Party - Richard Cheese
Miserable Party - The Mullens
The Party's Over - Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne
Party Lights - Junior Brown
The Party's Over - Willie Nelson

The party starts here:

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